CS:S - Some Rulechanges
Today some rules got changed for a better understanding. Which rules got modified will be shown in this news...

5.1.2. Allowed weapons

Different useres already mentioned it in some tickets, that the weapon rule in the AIM ladders is too complicated. Therefore the rule got changed to aviod further missunderstandings:

Old Rule
Allowed are all weapons, except for the AWP, that can be found on the map including Grenades.
Using purchased weapons is not allowed.

New Rule
Allowed are all weapons that can be found on the map including grenades.
The usage of purchased weapons or equipment is not allowed.
Failure to comply with this rule will result in the deduction of three rounds.

4.2.8. Overtime

As already mentioned it is not allowed to play an overtime in the European CS:S section. But to ward off misunderstandings a rule got added for this case:

It is not allowed to play an overtime.
If both sides aggreed on playing an overtime the contestant who opened a protest regarding the not allowed overtime would get penalty point(s) for unsportsmanlike behaviour.

4.2.6. Game intermissions

Because of some conflicts the Game intermissions rule got an addon. Now it is definitelly clear who is allowed to play after an game abort.

If a game is interrupted, the match is valuated up until that point. The game is continued according to the following procedure:
- The start money is set to 2000 for the remaining game time.
- The team that lost the last round kills itself using the function “kill” in the console. This round does not count.
- The game begins with the next round.
- Should further maps have to be played after this map, the start money must be set back to the normal value (800).

This rule serves the purpose of covering unexpected intermissions that are not wilfully brought about by the teams.
So if a game is interrupted but cannot be continued on the same day, the remaining game time can be played at a later date but within seven days.
If the teams/players fail to agree on a date, an admin will determine the date.
If a team/player fails to appear an admin will decide whether the match is rated as 'did not show up' or 'match abort'.

Only players who were in the team at the initial play-date are allowed to continue the game.
New players have no permission to play the match, except the opponent teams grants it.

3.1.1 Wire Anti Cheat

As already annotated Error-Screenshots without ESL Clock are not valid. To avoid further misunderstandings a rule got added for these cases.

ESL Wire Anti-Cheat is mandatory for all players to use for the full duration of all matches without exception. If a player cannot use Wire Anti-Cheat then they are not allowed to take part in a match.

For a missing or an incomplete Wire Anti-Cheat file the player/team will be punished. Apart from this rule are all players which have an evidence (screenshot with the bug and time from the ESL Website) that ESL Wire Anti-Cheat stopped/crashed due to an error.

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Your Admin-Team
eldoorfiix, Sunday, 12/02/12 14:29
comments (14)
Good update!
nicee ;3
aml: no kevlar/helmet buy allowed?
1 edits
you are not allowed to buy anything.
Derber Alter wrote:
aml: no kevlar/helmet buy allowed?

The usage of purchased weapons or equipment is not allowed.
Great :)
4.2.8 - what we need
gj ;p
pistol on awp is allowed?
eL wrote:
pistol on awp is allowed?

http://www.esl.eu/eu/css/1on1/awp_ladder/rules/#wdh_Weapons =)
so its allowed to play the awp on aim_icemap ?!
yeah... i think so :)
4.2.8 great rule!
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