Closing 5on5 HG & 2on2 EAS
Because of the low activity we will close in the next week our 5on5 Handgun Ladder and our 2on2 Amateur Series. All information and our reasons you get within this news.

Closing 5on5 Handgun

As you maybe all know we have opened the 5on5 Handgun Ladder only some months ago after you have decided by a poll that you would like such a Ladder. Now we have the Ladder and only 65 teams are in it. In the last 28 days only 4 matches were played and that is the main reason for us to close the Ladder. It is too inactive.

Closing 2on2 Amateur Series

In our 2on2 Amateur Series we have enough teams but the problem is that we have to give in nearly over 50% of all obligatory matches (every sunday 19 o'clock) a default win and that is not the sense of the 2on2 Amateur Series.

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We hope you will understand our decision.
Your Admin-Team
dNN, Sunday, 06/03/11 20:21
comments (20)
go 2on2 awp ladder
2on2 aim /awp both ladders :)
Oh no :'(

well done, worthless ladders out
Do not delete 2ON2 EAS. PLZ OMG --'
OMG NO COMMENT NOT DELETE 2on2 EAS.......... CLOSED 5on5 NOT 2on2 -. -
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NO CLOSED 2on2 amateur series --'
God, go and learn english please before you start writing ...
awp / aml 111 gogo :D
Lets go 4on4 funmap or 5on5 rush.

Tyler Durden wrote:
Lets go 4on4 funmap or 5on5 rush.


omg 4on4 never... make 2on2 aim or awp ladder
2on2 awp/aim BOTH ! <333333333333333333333333
when will u open 2 new ladders?
2n2 awp 2n2 aim... gogogogogogo
1n1 awp on
micro wrote:
Tyler Durden wrote:
Lets go 4on4 funmap or 5on5 rush.


omg 4on4 never... make 2on2 aim or awp ladder
Savior wrote:
2n2 awp 2n2 aim... gogogogogogo

Will be nice if you open 2on2 AIM and 2on2 AWP ladder.
2n2aim + 2n2awp ladder please
seek team 5n5 hg go mp
PLEASE? DON'T CLOSE 2ON2 EAS !!!!!!!!!!!
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