BOINC Pentathlon 2010 – New Race starts soon!
A pentathlon is a contest with five events. For BOINC this means five different projects within two weeks, a new type of race for us that needs a good tactic and fast reactions. After more than one year this is again a race with awards!

We had to wait more than one year for a new race, but now it is time to switch our computers to full-load again and to fight for a good position in the team-ranking - and of course for an (elite)award for us!

Pentathlon? What´s that?

We got an invitation to the pentathlon a few months ago from the team SETI.Germany, which is organizing the pentathlon. Since then we are planning and organizing the race for the ESL - with success. The race will start on 5. May 2010 0 o’clock UTC and lasts till 19. May 2010 0 o’clock UTC.

A pentathlon contains five events, for BOINC that means five different projects in five different categories. Each project will be calculated for only 5-7 days and they can overlap or alternate with the next one. The next project will be announced only 7 days before its start, so at the beginning of the race we do not know which project will be calculated at the end.

Who will get an award?

As well as in the previous races there will be two awards:
  • An elite-award for the best 10% of the team.
  • A normal award for the best 10-80% of the team.
  • The last 20% of the team will not get an award.

More information

We have much more information for you about this race, but we cannot write this in only one news. Therefor we have a second news which contains more detailed information. This news should be read by everyone who is interested in this race, because there are some differences in the organization as at the previous races.

Find out more information: BOINC Pentathlon 2010 – Information and more

Have fun at the race!
Yours BOINC Admin-Team
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sQeeL, Sunday, 11/04/10 17:26
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HF & GL!
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