Closing 3on3 GunGame Ladder
Today we want to inform you about our and your decision to close our 3on3 GunGame ladder. For further information and the reasons keep reading on.

Closing 3on3 GunGame Ladder

As we have only 5 teams in the ladder which have played some matches we have tried to find some reasons for it and even some actions how to change it. After some weeks only two possible answers were found: We create a GunGame League or we increase the number of GunGame cups. As we wanted to give you the chance to decide on the future of GunGame in our section we started a poll.
The result is clear: You don't want a GunGame League, you want more GunGame cups and so we will do! We will try to do at least one gungame cup each month. Depending on the activity and the number of participants we will maybe increase the number - it's all depending on you!

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We hope you will understand our decision.

Your Admin-Team
dNN, Thursday, 12/04/12 21:02
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to difficult to make a gg server for the most teams
:( i loved 3n3 gg :(
SadButTrue wrote:

to difficult to make a gg server for the most teams

Yes, that was the big problem.
go 5on5 hg
We already had a 5on5 HG ladder in the past, but the activity was very bad.
Good times go to an end!

Time to say goodbye!

We, -np4us-GunGame-, thank ESL for all these years with Gungame!
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