VERSUS: de_russka and de_piranesi added to 5on5
New season, new luck! This does not only mean you are able to reach out for the good placements, but also old maps getting another chance in VERSUS. Our first step is to expand the mappool of our 5on5 section for some more variety in your matches. de_russka and de_piransei are now available to vote in the 5on5 matches. Have fun testing some new strats this weekend!

New maps for old modes

Over the last weeks we were searching for the right additions to the VERSUS modes for most players on ESL. Now it's time to tune the modes to offer a bit more fun or just something different. We start by extending the mappool in our golden mode, 5on5 MR15. We thought alot about how to make 5on5 a bit more interesting, without touching what players like about it.

So we ended up with adding new maps rather than replacing them. We picked de_russka and de_piranesi as they had been both active in VERSUS in one of our modes. Now we give them a chance to find a new place in the 5on5 mode. Of course the maps will be implemented like any other map on VERSUS. You will still have your mapvote and the chance to either vote it or not.

Play 5on5 in VERSUS now
Or try one of the other modes!

Let's try something new!

In the following weeks we will be bringing in new maps to try out in all modes on VERSUS. No matter if it's 5on5 MR15, AIM or AWP. We are open to you suggestions and looking forward to your feedback!

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Friday, 04/05/12 15:44
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comments (10)
Russka and Piranesi.

In next times u add publicmaps like css_assault or italy ?

SO SAD !!!!!!
Ahahahaha lool awesome:))
If you want so, sure ;) It's basically a try to get some new impulses into the 5on5 mode. Other maps are also an option but cs_ maps haven't crossed our mind so far. And as said in the news, it's still the choice of the players in each match. You either vote for it or for the alternative :)
russka good, piranesi bad
piranesi n1 :)
Derber Alter wrote:
russka good, piranesi bad
too bad
de_russka is nice! but piranesi :( better cbble mb
doTaxE wrote:
de_russka is nice! but piranesi :( better cbble mb

de_piranesi isnt good :|
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