VERSUS: 2on2 Handgun available now
The second poll for the VERSUS modes brings another new mode to the fields of VERSUS. 2on2 Handgun is available starting today due to the massive votes for this mode and is replacing 3on3 Rush. We hope you like the new mode but are still looking forward to more ideas for the upcoming vote starting on Monday. So far, enjoy the weekend with your new mode!

General settings for 2on2 Handgun

Max Rounds 9 (MR9)
Full settings on ESL Plugin: "2on2hg"

Play 2on2 Handgun on VERSUS now
Or enjoy one of the other four modes

The mappool of 2on2 HG


More to come next week

As promised we will carry on switchting the modes and have the weaker modes replaced if we find an option that you like. Keep an eye on the section to get the news for next weeks poll. If you want to see your ideas in, post them in the comments of this news or in our forum!

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Friday, 30/03/12 13:44
Play CS:S in VERSUS now!
Voting for the CS:S modes #2
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dann doch lieber laddern... bevor die ladder noch gelöscht wird
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