ENC: Team Switzerland
Boomtown.net presents the National Team of Switzerland. Who connects Switzerland with PC games? It's known for its great ski vacation, great winter landscape, its chocolate and cheese fondue. The National Team of Switzerland will try to show us that there is more than this.

In charge of the National Team of Switzerland is Boomtown.net. With more than 100.000 registered members Boomtown is one of the greatest Gaming Communities and offers besides the internetpresentation four internetcafes in Denmark and one in Switzerland. Boomtown Switzerland was founded officially in the end of November 2003 and its first internetcafe in Switzerland was opened in the end of January 2004.

Team Switzerland - Counter-Strike

Lineup: GePower, BunkA, spIder, Frag, HammU, Honda, kaffeebaerschn, shN, PsydioN


Age: 20
City: Zurich

Clan: ---
IRC: #Boomtown.ch


Age: 19
City: Herisau

Clan: Justplay
IRC: #Justplay

Team Switzerland - Warcraft 3

Lineup: GePower, Liam, MaTzeN_ch, BrecjReiZ, egi, Hane, HasuHasi, Holy_Oil, JuStTrYiT, Nap0, tHe_gRaVeDiGgEr, vOor, WuLvEraTe


Age: 20
City: Zurich

Clan: ---
IRC: #Boomtown.ch


Age: 18
City: Zurich

Clan: ocrana
IRC: #ocrana.wc3

The ESL Team accounts have already been created so that everybody can have a look at the roster. You can also join our IRC Qnet Channel #esl.enc.
Beiron, Wednesday, 25/02/04 17:00
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