Testing 1on1 in VERSUS - Good bye 3on3 Rush
During the last edition of VERSUS goes crazy we already tested some modes that brought us two new, that stayed in so far. Now we go another step and bring something that a lot of you have been waiting for. We will test 1on1 MR15 starting this afternoon, 4pm CET, with a restricted cloud for Trusted Players and Premium Users with an account older than 6 month. Test it now!

1on1 MR15 Trusted

Many players that have been enjoying VERSUS have asked for it for quite some time, now we bring it on! The new 1on1 mode gives you the chance to prove your skills in a new way. The restrictions for this new mode are pretty simple: To keep abusers out, you either have to be a Trusted player or a Premium member with an ESL account older than 6 month.

Besides this we will keep an close eye on the matches this weekend and will punish players abusing the system or making fake matches with the usual barrages.

General settings for 1on1 MR15

Max Rounds 15 (MR15)
Full settings on ESL Plugin: "1on1"

The mappool of 1on1 MR15


Good bye, 3on3 Rush

Even though you asked for it back in VERSUS goes crazy, 3on3 Rush is steadily running out of players. We kept it in based on your feedback, but now there is a spot needed for 1on1 MR15 and 3on3 Rush has to go, at least for a while. We will continue rotating the less popular modes from time to time so do not worry, this goodbye is not forever.

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Thursday, 15/03/12 15:15
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let's try it :D
wtf DONT DELETE 3on3 Rush ladder..... its the best mode in vs ..... wtf
3on3 Rush its the best
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