VERSUS goes crazy featuring last weeks losers!
VERSUS goes crazy will bring you more action and fun this time! After the very close result in last week's poll, we will take the chance and bring you not only 1on1 AWP, but also 1on1 AIM and 5on5 Handgun on this edition of VERSUS goes crazy. Additionally there are also some pros, who will join you on individual modes and play with or against you. Take part and enjoy an awesome day of gaming!

You want new modes on VERSUS?

VERSUS goes crazy is the best call to test new modes. As last weeks poll brought up three modes with about the same amount of votes, we would love to test all of them on this day. At three points that day, we will drop the least played mode and replace it with one of the voted ones.

On this times we will drop the least played mode from VERSUS:

13:00 CEST: 1on1 AIM replaces the weakest mode
15:00 CEST: 5on5 Handgun replaces the weakest mode
17:00 CEST: XonX ??? replaces the weakest mode

VERSUS goes crazy on April 22nd

One week before the Spring Season ends it is once again time for "VERSUS goes crazy". As usual we are looking forward to entertain you with a lot of exciting and fun activities in VERSUS on Sunday, April 22nd. More information is available in this news.

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Friday, 20/04/12 15:53
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