CS:S Admins wanted
Counter-Strike: Source is one of the largest gamesection here at the Electronic Sports League which creates a large demand for admins to keep our ladders and other competitions running well. In the last few months some admins have left the team and so it is time again to search for new interested people.
At the Electronic Sports League we are always searching for enthusiastic and highly motivated people for joining our admin team. Whether you're a new player or not you can help out and make a difference in your game's community.
The Electronic Sports League thanks you for your interest in becoming an admin.

What are we searching?
    Counter-Strike Source Admins

What are the requirements?
    Our general requirements:
    At least 18 years of age
    A good knowledge of the English language
    A good knowledge of the game and the scene
    A sense of responsibility, reliability and flexibility
    No bad history (too much offense, missing media, etc.)
    Neutrality and objectivity in decision making
    Understanding the nature of conflicts and being able to resolve them
    Capability of working in a dynamic team

The application has to be made in English and will be judged on its quality!
If you want to apply please write a detailed application. Applications with a length of less than 3 rows will immediately be rejected!

So are you ready to rock the ESL and join our admin team? Then send your application to us today!

Your CSS Admin Team
dNN, Saturday, 30/06/12 12:18
Admins Wanted
comments (6)
wow :D
<----------- Interrested but i dont want to write an Application :D
<----------- Interrested but i dont want to write an Application :D

cauz u are 18+.
<----------- Interrested but not 18
<----------- Interrested but i dont want to write an Application :D

First of all you are not 18, and if you do not want to write an application i think your interest is pretty low = you wouldn't fit as an admin
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Interrested ;)
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