VERSUS: Vote your modes - Week #14
For the third time it's your chance to have a say on which modes should be in VERSUS for CS:Source. Last weeks addition, 2on2 Handgun, had a very good start and reduced the numbers in 4on4 Handgun quite a lot. We picked some old and new modes for you to choose from for the following week. Vote and bring your favorites to VERSUS!

Which modes would you like to play?

We are looking for the best modes to have in VERSUS. You got 2 votes in our poll to determine the modes which will be active starting this Friday. This week you can choose from some modes that have been active in VERSUS before as well as some new modes. 4on4 Handgun had a visible drop due to 2on2 Handgun being more attractive, so we have at least one possible change for the upcoming week!

Poll: CS:S VERSUS Gamemodes
Vote for your favorites now!

The poll is running till Thursday, 5th of April at 24.00 CET. The final result will be published on Friday together with the modes for the next week. If your favorite modes are not in the vote this time, don't worry. Post your ideas here, in the forum or the polls comments. We are open to have your ideas in next weeks poll!

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Wednesday, 04/04/12 12:16
Play CS:S in VERSUS now!
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1on1 AIM !!!!
DAvi wrote:
1on1 AIM !!!!
1n2 hg pls
1o1 awp or aim!
1on1 or 2on2 AIM!

1v1 knife !
Versus soll nicht die Ladder ersetzen also kein 1n1 :)
2n2 Standart ! :)
3on3 Gungame
3on3 GG
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