ESL Plugin Geht nicht
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Hallo haben ein problem das neue esl plugin funktoniert nicht der gameserver ladet es einfach nicht

Screen sag das

Installing breakpad exception handler for appid(240)/version(4934)
[zBlock] Attempting to load plugin
[zBlock] Performing update check
[zBlock] Your plugin version is up-to-date
[zBlock] Game: "Counter-Strike: Source"
[zBlock] Hooked Server ConCommand 'ent_fire'
[zBlock] Hooked Server ConCommand 'ent_create'
[zBlock] Hooked Server ConCommand 'sv_pure'
[zBlock] Hooked Server ConCommand 'alias'
[zBlock] Plugin Successfully Loaded!
Unable to load plugin "addons/eslplugin"
maxplayers set to 12
zBlock: zb_warmode changed, Removing all players
changelevel <levelname> : continue game on a new level
[zBlock] Voice Hook Enabled
[zBlock] Hooked ConCommands
zb_crashblock changed now "1"
[zBlock] Net Hook Enabled
[zBlock] Attempting to set zb_authhost "zESLAuth.1Pax.com"
[zBlock] Auth-Host changed to: zESLAuth.1Pax.com
No '-replayserverdir' parameter found - using default replay folder.
Replay: Creating thread pool...succeeded.
Replay: Starting thread pool with 4 threads...succeeded.
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