Review: 1on1 AWP Facebook Cup #1
One week ago our 1on1 AWP Faceebook Cup #1 was played. Today we want to give all of you a little review on this cup. For further information keep on reading.

General information

As only our facebook fans were able to see the cup and the news we want to give you first some information on the cup. On facebook we are at the moment the biggest gamesection of the ESL with 5.225 fans and the number is still growing everyday - many thanks for this! Because of this fact we wanted to say "Thank you" for all likes and so we decided to plan a facebook only cup with some nice prizes. After we were told to be allowed to do such a cup we got 3 months premium for the first place, 2 month for the second place and 1 month for the third place of the cup. As modus we have chosen 1on1 AWP and 65 players have participated. This number of players is very nice as the cup was only announce and visible on our facebook page! If you want to have a look at the cup news just click here.

Our facebook page

Since some months we attach to all news our little facebook banner with which you can give our section your Like. Afterwards you will always get all information about upcoming cups, new rules and all our general news on facebook which is important and will help you to be always up-to-date. Give our section your Like!

Will there be further facebook-only actions in the future?

This is a good question but we will think about further facebook-only actions if we reach another nice number of Likes.

Become a Fan of CS:S Europe and get all News on Facebook

Thank you again for making us the biggest gamesection on facebook of the whole ESL!

Your Admin Team
dNN, Sunday, 20/05/12 12:40
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