zBlock 4.67 realeased and approved
The new CS:S Update leads some problems with zBlock. Today we want to inform you about the new released zBlock version 4.67. Within this news you will get all information about the new zBlock version.

The new zBlock version 4.67 was released today and is approved from now on for all matches.

Changes zBlock 4.67

-Fixed compatibility issues following the 03/07/12 game update.
-Added a barrel which wasn't being removed to zb_removals internal list.
-Added "zbgamedata" file which will allow vmt offsets to be changed by server ops when game updates arrive (this is mainly so LANs aren't interrupted, automated system in a future release).
-Locked "sv_restrict_aspect_ratio_fov 2" in warmode.
-Added visibility of the "sv_clockcorrection_msecs" cvar value in the console welcome message.

Download zBlock 4.67

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Yours Admin Team
eldoorfiix, Wednesday, 04/07/12 21:23
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Thank you :D
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Thanks for the update, much appreciated.
Good job.
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