tobzn  id: 2178163
CPU 3000+
RAM 1024
Videocard geforce 5700 le =/
Soundcard on board
Storage 80 gig
Display Acer
Mouse Microsoft Intelli 3.0
Keyboard NN
Headphones Sennheiser Pc 151
Connection 6000er
Wheel/Pedals Tastatur :x
Joypad ist vorhanden
TV Medion
Sound system 5.1
Console(s) PS2
Drink BIER nur BIER
Food Mäcces
Movie Hooligans, The footsoldier,Gate 8
Music alles :p
Song Ich + Ich - so soll es sein
Book Congratuliations-You have just met the ICF
Person ich
Actor / Actress Bernd Stromberg :D
Car Audi A3
Sport Fussball
Athlete DEDE <3
Map de_cbble
Player kloxx
Game Hero DEDE <3
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Frauen, ct
Genre Sex
Console Gameboy
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://www.ultrafans.de
Website 2 http://www.schwatzgelb.de
Website 3 http://www.readmore.de
Website 4 http://www.4players.de
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