What is the European Nations Championship?
The European Nations Championship is a European competition in which teams from all over Europe can play one another.

How can I join an ENC-team?
Contact the Head-Orga of your Country. You can find him in the Mainaccount of your national team.

How can I become leader of a team?
Apply for the position as Team Manager as soon as possible on the ENC site at your national team. The ESL has picked one local organization for each country to organize the team!

How old do I have to be to be able to play in the ENC?
You have to be at least 12 years old to participate in the ENC unless a higher date is requested for the particular game.

Which games are played in the ENC?
Counter-Strike, Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne, FIFA 2009, Counter Strike: Source, Call of Duty 4 and Defense of the Ancients.

Who organizes the ENC?
The ENC is organized by the Electronic Sports League.

Where can I find the ENC rules?
You can find it here: Rulebook: 2009

When does the ENC competition start?
The competition is running.

How many teams participate in the ENC?
20-24 countries, split up into four or five groups.

Which countries participate in the ENC?
Countries from all over Europe, check this site for more infos: http://www.esl.eu/eu/enc

I want my country to take part in the next ENC season, what can I do?
You’ll have to find a local organization which will support the national team. After that contact the ENC Admins via support mail.

Where are the ENC Finals?
At the "Games Convention" in Leipzig, Germany.

How many teams will be playing at the LAN-Finals?
The best four teams in each game will be invited to the Lan-Finals at Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany.

How much prize money is there?
The overall prizemoney is fluctuating from year to year.

How long is an ENC season?
An ENC Season will run over four months.

Where can I find ENC admins?
You will find the ENC admins on the #esl.enc channel in irc, quakenet or via the contact button on the page.

Where can I watch ENC Games?
ENC games will be broadcastet via ESL TV (tv.esl.eu) , HLTV and/or Radiostream.

Will more games be supported in future?
Of course.

I have a German passport and live in Sweden, which team am I allowed to play for in the ENC?
If you are a German citizen, you are only allowed to play for Germany.

I have a German and a Turkish passport which team am I allowed to play?
You can choose yourself but once you are accepted by a National Team you will not able to switch to the other nation ever again

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