VERSUS: You can change the 5on5 mappool
As announced with the addition of de_russka and de_piranesi to our 5on5 mappool on VERSUS, we want to change the mappool of 5on5 on VERSUS to your likings. Your feedback on the latest changes was very, very versatile. So we decided to give every one of you one vote on either bring back the old mappool or have one map added or kicked. Additionally we would like to get your feedback on new maps for all the modes on VERSUS.

Changes are up to you

Keeping the old mappool with de_dust2, de_season, de_inferno, de_nuke, de_train, de_tuscan and de_contra or changing some maps in it, is up to you. We set up a poll including the most called maps for 5on5 from the last news comments. Every player can vote either for the old pool or his or her favorite change. The poll ends on Monday, 28. of May at 24:00 CEST.

Vote for the 5on5 Mappool now!
Or play one of our five modes on VERSUS

Or would you love to see the other mappools changing?

Of course we do not only care for the 5on5 players. If you are more into 2on2 FUN, 1on1 AWP or 2on2 Handgun, we would love to see your ideas. Please post your favorite changes the following way so we can get an overview a bit easier.

+ de_cbble
+ de_strike_rc4
- de_dust2

1on1 AIM
- aim_dust
- esl_aim_castle


Your Admin Team
Soodi, Friday, 25/05/12 14:03
Vote for the new 5on5 mappool now!
comments (4)
why - dust2? its def and favourite map for cs general
morfeus wrote:
why - dust2? its def and favourite map for cs general
As you can read in the line above, it's just an example for how to post your wishes so we can look better and more quickly into them. When you click the poll, there is no "- dust2" :)
+ cpl strike
+ russka
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