Changing some cup rules
After our cup section is running quite well since some months with weekly cups we have recognized that not all rules are ok as they are now. The demo upload time for example as well as the time for opening a protest. Therefore we have decided to change some of our cup rules to bring more fun to you playing our cups.

Changed rules

  • request a demo: 5 minutes after the match
  • upload the demo: 24 hours after the request
  • make a protest: 10 minutes after the match
    Note: If the match is closed you are not allowed to make a protest (Exception: Missing Replay, Cheating)

  • Others
  • If your opponent is not present 10 minutes after you have posted the IP and password and the last match of your opponent is over since 10 minutes you have to open a Protest to request a def win. Only this way the admins can be fast enough if they do not have to check the tournament tree every minute.
  • The ESL doesn't rent any servers for the Cup(Exceptions are posted in the Cup-News). If you and your opponent doesn't have a server, please open a protest. In general both of you will be disqualified.
  • In all cups only one replay can demanded.

  • All special cup-rules can also be found in our Rulesbook

    We also want to advise you of following "rules":

  • As our cups are played in the European section of the ESL please always communicate in English. Even if you and your opponent are from the same country. If an admin does not understand the language in which you are writing it makes the cup slower because he has tell you to write it in English again and stuff like that. So once again: Please only write in English!
  • As we all play because we have fun doing so please always accept a match if everything is ok. This will make the cup faster as well if the admin of the cups does not have to wait until the protest time is over. We all are sportsman's and so we should behave. So please accept the score even if you have lost the match if everything was ok and all needed files are uploaded.

  • If you have a question because of the rules, if something is unclear or if you have other good ideas for changing or adding a rule feel free to comment under this news or to write a supportticket.

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    Your Admin Team Europe
    dNN, Thursday, 03/05/12 16:53
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