Rulesupdate - Ladderban
As you might all know: In the past you got a ban of 5 days if you leave a ladder. Now we will change this rule for all ladders. Half a year ago we changed the ladderban in the 5on5 EU ladder from 5 days to 0. Now we will change it for all ladder from 5 to 2 days. More information you will get within this news.

Changing the ladderban in all ladders from 5 to 2 days

Technical this means that you are now able to leave and enter a ladder after 2 days and not after 5. In team ladders this means that you can play with different friends faster.

Hint: As the change of a team is now much easier you should keep in mind that all members of a team must be in it before you start searching a match via instant challenger or by challenging an other team directly. Members, which join a team after the creation of a match are not allowed to play! Besides this rule change does not mean that there aren't any more penalty's for avoiding a barrage or penalty points!

Please post suggestions and feedback regarding this rule change in the comments below this news.

From now on there will be only a 2 days ban in all EU CS:S ladders except of the 5on5 ladder. In our 5on5 ladder there will still be no ladder ban.

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Your Team wishes you a lot of fun.
dNN, Friday, 16/03/12 11:26
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yeeeey! :D Hf playing lads :)
Good stuff =)
is already working?
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legend wrote:
is already working?

yes, if you now leave the ladder there is a ban of 2 days !
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Could better make it to 0 or 1 than :S
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