EMS X CS:S Slots distribution
The national qualifiers will start asap for the new ESL Major Series Season. 60 slots have to be filled for the 9th season in Counter-Strike: Source. Details about the slots and the schedule of the season you will get within this news.

This season we decided once again to add an extra qualification round due to the number of teams and nations willing to take part in this competition. So we will have a total of 60 qualifying slots available.

Slots distribution:

CountryQualifier detailsMRQR3QR2QR1
Germany EPS DE 2 2 2 1
France FR 2 2 2 1
Denmark Nordic 2 2 2 1
United Kingdom UK 1 1 1 1
Finland Nordic 1 1 1 1
Russia CIS   1 1  
Austria ALPEN 1 1 1
Portugal PT     1
Czech CZ   1
Italy IT   1
Spain EPS ES   1
Norway Nordic 1
Sweden Nordic 1
Switzerland ALPEN 1
Belgium BE 1 1  
Poland PL 1
Netherlands NL 1
Romania RO 1
Greece EPS GR 1
Ukraine CIS 1
Bulgaria BG 1
Hungary HU 1
Israel IL 1
BelarusBY 1
Croatia HR 1
Slovakia SK 1
Europe EU 1 1  
8 12 12 24

Top4 EMS IX invite
The top four from last season also get an automatic invite to the groupstage. These are 1. Team VERYGAMES, 2. Reason-Gaming.css, 3. CPH Wolves, 4. Antwerp Aces.

European Qualifier
The european qualifier is for all teams that were not eligible qualify in any of our national qualifiers. At all times they must not have 60% of players in-game residing from a single country that had a national qualifier.

National Qualifiers
All differents national qualifiers will be announced soon so stay tuned to your national section homepage or to the EMS CSS homepage.


  • National Qualifiers : Now - 26th February
  • Qualification Round 1 : 5th March - 11th March
  • Qualification Round 2 : 12th March - 18th March
  • Qualification Round 3 : 19th March - 25th March
  • Groupstage : 26th March - 29th April
  • Playoffs : 7th May - 31th May

Prize Money

Prize money distribution ESL Major Series X

4.600 €

Counter-Strike: Source

   1st 2.300 €
   2nd 1.350 €
   3rd 950 €

Stay Up To Date

You can inform yourself anytime about what is happening on the EMS Mainpage. You can inform yourself about everything: News, upcoming matches and about the rankings of course. All on one pag, so bookmark it!

EMS X Homepage

EMS X CS:S Homepage

Good luck to all our participants and don't forget to idle in #esl.ems!

Your admin crew
dNN, Sunday, 05/02/12 11:29
comments (15)
no baltic countries?
European teams from countries which have not a slot can play in our european qualifier. A news for this qualifier will be released in the next days.
1 edits
Ya si quereis os meteis 10 slots para Alemania, siempre igual
dNN i read all this, it seems i was rickolled... Some guys from latvia posted news that our countrys will have a baltic qualifications, so i think not only i was rickrolled about this, atleast 500 players like minimum <...>
1 edits
ridiculous... All baltic countries should have one slot per country.
There's no official representative on ESL regarding .lt, .lv, .ee, ... Only CIS has shown interest in those countries but none of them have any rankings (based on last 3 seasons). Perform better in S10 and you will get a slot.
Fair enough. Will try to do our best meanwhile.
no slot for Turkey lol
a team with 2 players from Switzerland, 2 from France and 1 Belgium must play Europe Qualifier right ?
crn: yes
Thanks for the answer Junior
webside isnt needed right?
Judge wrote:
webside isnt needed right?

Not for the european qualifier.
Qualification Round 1 : 5th March - 11th March

today is 8 Marth and no any news.Nice!
where are the QRs?
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