Help me with FPS !!!
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Because i buy notebook i dont need to upgrade my PC but still look 

rocesor: E6600 4M/2.4GHz/1066 FSB
Ram: 1x2GB DDR2 667 MHz
Graphic: HD4670 1GB DDR3

In resolution 1440x900 and 800x600 if i only walk on map i have 200 FPS. But into hard action in both resolutions my FPS drop to 40. I play at 800x600.

Everythink i have on LOW. I really need help because i am angry a lot.

Will be beter if i will buy one more 1x2GB RAM or change graphic to 9800 GTX+ ?? 

Cause like i say i have notebook now so i dont go buy new things into this PC.
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Try my cfg until you upgrade your notebook, u should get nice fps boost.



P.S. Real maker of this cfg is onlycleany. ( i just added personal settings and fixed some mistakes in the cfg ). Best FPS CFG i've ever used.


Also if you have big ping it can affect your fps drops.
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