Genuine ESL Plugin?!
The ESL Plugin is still our top tool in fighting SSH-User. That this is very successful is shown by the newest trend to "rebuild" the ESL-Plugin to fake a correct running plugin in a server.

Already since the last update we had internally the possibility to check if a server was using the genuine ESL Plugin. The checks have been tested successfully and we're now releasing this feature for public usage.

If you want to check a Gameserver, you just have to load the ESL Plugin Check-page and enter the Server IP. If the check is successful, a directlink will be provided, that can e.g. be posted below a match in the comments.

But this is so much work

That's why we also implemented a public API, that gives the opportunity to build external Tools that can automatically check a Server. We already created two Browser-Plugins on our own, that check a Gameserver in a VERSUS Match and shows you if the ESL Plugin is correctly installed and running on the Server.

VERSUS Firefox Plugin (created by Martek)
VERSUS Chrome Plugin (created by DerDevil)

As soon as a VS-Match is generated, the Gameserver is checked and the result is shown beneath the IP with a green check markred cross if no Plugin was found.

I found a Cheater!!

Should you encounter a Server, where the Plugincheck is negative, though the standard-commands like eslstatus are working, is this does necessarily a sign for an installed SSH (but of course can be). Please report those Servers via Support-Ticket, so we can manually check it. Our logs gives us the possibility to verify if the plugin was installed before. It therefore doesn't matter if a user installed the Plugin after a match.
We therefore need a Screenshot of the eslstatus attached to the Support-Ticket.


The usage of a SSH is still one of the most severe cases of Cheating in eSport. We please you to read below news again for this Topic: http://www.esl.eu/eu/news/159929/Server-Side-Hack-No-thanks/

Your Admin team
slayer, Wednesday, 20/06/12 17:37
ESL Plugin Check
Server Side Hack? No Thanks!
VERSUS Chrome Plugin
VERSUS Firefox Plugin
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nice job!
It doesnt works correctly, because i write a IP and he said "has not installed the ESL Server Plugin!" when i have it.
Nice ;)
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