CSPromod BETA 1.10 is out now!
CSPromod BETA 1.10 is now officially available for download! This new version features our highly anticipated new player models and animations, as well as some important bug fixes and tweaks.

CSPromod - Mission Statement

The objective of CSPromod is to improve the graphical quality, feature set, and spectatorship of Counter-Strike, while preserving the title’s beloved gameplay, and in doing so provide community with the assurance of unlimited gameplay longevity. We view CSPromod as a resource for the community, its professional teams, event organizers, and media. For a long time, all of these entities have voiced their opinions, desires, ideas, and goals about the future of professional Counter-Strike; and for just as long of a time, they have been limited by the constraints of the very same game which brought them all together in the first place.

Download: CSPromod BETA 1.10

What has changed since Beta 1.09?

The list of all the changes would definately be too long, to list all of them in this news. Just check out the official changelog, to see what has been changed, added or improved. It's worth a look!

Official Changelog

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KaiN, Wednesday, 26/12/12 04:07
Official Announcement
comments (30)
GREAT news! i like it
ok but esl is going to announce a cup in the near future or not?
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#3 Of course! The cup will take place in 5on5, more information very soon.
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I wait eagerly what happens to CSGO scene as the promod is out now better and ready to kick off
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wow, esl news in a long time :)
at last !
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finally :)
KaiN wrote:
#3 Of course! The cup will take place in 5on5, more information very soon.

however, it will be good if esl put CSP in versus game list :)
nice job esl :D it's great!

P.D. you have to change the image that is on the top of the web page because the model have already changed :$
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go versus ! :D
go versus cspromod ;>
! nice
The future OO
Nice ! CSP on Versus pls !!!!
we want a cup! gogogo
gogogo, versus!
versus...when,...go go. so many games that dont get played on versus, why not CSP? add it pls.
a cup when?
1n1 ladder pl0x!
nice!!! <3
go versus
wait for 2on2 CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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