New Cup Series starts in January
In 2012 we want start something new in the European CSM section of the ESL. Until now there were only the Season Cups and the CSM Premiership in this section. But not all of you have the possibility to participate in each of these tournaments, because some of them are only for premium members or 2on2 teams. In January 2012 we start a new Cup Series.
We will start with the CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012, which, which consists of four single cups within two month. The top 8 of all these tournaments are qualified for the 1st CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 Playoffs. There you have the chance to win some premium prices.

CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 #1

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Signup: 27.12.2011 - 06.01.2012
Cup Period: 09.01.2012 - 18.01.2012
Slots: 16
Mode: Single Elimination
Support: via Support-Ticket

registered gameaccount
joined free ingame ladder
Rules: EU CSM 1on1 Ladder Rules


27.12.2011 Signup start
06.01.2012 Signup end
09.01.2012 Round 1
12.01.2012 Quarterfinals
15.01.2012 Semifinal
18.01.2012 Final / Match for 3rd place

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CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 #2 >

CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 #3 >

CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 #4 >

CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 Playoffs >

Scoring System

To determine the top 8 of all cups, we use a scoring system. Each participant will get points, except those who are eliminated through a default loss in the first round. It was important for us that members who participated on every single cup also have a chance, even if they don't rank in the top 8 of a cup. Nobody will be able to get qualified for the playoffs with a single win! These are the points you get in the CSM Cup Series:

4th - 8th35
9th - 16th20

Additonal Information

Seedings: To reduce the duration of the Cup Series the cup mode is single elimination. We will use the CSM EU 1on1 Ladder rankings for the seedings. So if you think, the seedings are unfair: You can influence it yourself by playing matches in the ladder.
Gameaccount: Your gameaccount in the ESL must be current. The correct gameaccount is your actual loginname in CSM.
Ingame Ladder: You are allowed to play your matches as PCW, if your opponent agrees. Otherwise the matches have to be played in the ingame ESL CSM Ladder. You can join it for free by using this link.

Prices, Hall of Fame & Cup Awards

The top 3 of the CSM 1on1 Cup Series Q1/2012 Playoffs will get the following ESL Premium prices:

1st place: 3 months Premium
2nd place: 2 months Premium
3rd place: 1 month Premium

The top 3 player of each cup will be displayed in our Hall of Fame.

You also have the chance to get additional cups for participating (even if you don't win a match) and for winning cup matches. Here you can find all cup awards.

Questions & Support

If you have any further questions, problems or feedback, you can always post in our forum or open a Support Ticket.

// Your Admin-Team
av3nger, Tuesday, 27/12/11 14:35
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n1 :)
Cup is full. Wow, that was really fast.
pity that the cup is already full :(
hfgl @ all players
GL all ;)
Additional Info: On http://www.esl.eu/eu/csm/cupseries/ you can find the current ranking.
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