CSM Premiership Season III
All good things come in threes. Last month our second Season of the CSM Premiership has been finished. No doubt, we will continue this tournament with the third season. What you need to participate, how to qualify and what you can win - all these things we tell you in this news.

Terms & Conditions

ESL premium account
registered game account
ingame ESL Ladder

Important: You need the premium account for the entire duration of the premiership. If the premium runs out during the season, we will give the player default losses until he gets premium again. These players can also be punished by penalty points or seasonal locks.

Game mode & Sequence

Round robin with 12 player
First leg + second leg
Duration July 25th - November 8th
Match every 5 days = fixed schedule

How to qualify?

Top 4 of CSM Premiership Season II
Top 4 of EU EAS Ladder
Top 4 of DE EAS Ladder

The reference date for calculating the rankings of the EAS is July 11th, 2012. If a player is already qualified or doesn't want to play, the next one moves up. To avoid that players join the EAS one week before the deadline and qet qualified due to his points of the past, we decided to set June 13rd as EAS join deadline. Players, who joins after that date, won't be able to qualify for the CSM Premiership Season III.

CSM Premiership - Prices

The winner of the CSM Premiership can look forward to this exclusive award.

  • 1st place: 6 months premium, 3 months VIP, 60 coins
  • 2nd place: 3 months premium, 2 months VIP, 40 coins
  • 3rd place: 2 months premium, 1 month VIP, 20 coins

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