Premiership Season I - Information & Rules
The Qualification Cup is now over and all participants in our new CSM Premiership have been determined. The tension is rising and it will not be so long until the first season finally starts. In this news still follow some important rules and information for you.

Qualified Players

biggy stixx grynn
av3nger aimzKR Alpine
casto tX daz one
tSoPeLiXxX unsichtbaer szulu

Premium account

In this Premiership, the ESL Premium account is very important. You need the premium account for the entire duration of the premiership. If the premium runs out during the season, we will give the player default losses until he gets premium again.

Game mode & Sequence

Start date: 6th July 2011
 Participants: 12 Player
 Play mode: Round robin, first leg + second leg
 Rules: EU 1on1 EAS Rules
 added Gameaccount
 ESL Premium account
 ingame CSM ESL Ladder

There will be no more final playoff matches. Who ranked first after the 22 matches is also the actual winner of this CSM Premiership Season. Please also visit our new Premiership Page where you can find all important information about the match schedule and prizes.

Another change is that only the Top 4 player of this Season stay in the CSM Premiership. If you also want to participate in the next season, you have to qualify through the EAS.

Questions & Support

If there are any further questions or problems, you can always reach us in our forum or you let us know about a Support Ticket.

The whole Admin Team wishes all participants a lot of fun and good luck in our new competition.
stixx, Monday, 04/07/11 17:00
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