Winner of the Crossover Cup
It was an experiment and it was a full success. Especially in the final groupstage we had exciting and very close matches. How it was done and what are the results of this 1st Crossover Starter Cup - you will read in the following news.

In the first time both sections (Germany and Europe) played in their own section to send the 3 best players to the big final groupstage. And we must say that this kind of cup was a great competition - a really race, the road for a championship.

The Results

The following table will show you, how the final result is:

Final groupstage

Participant Matches played [W-D-L] Points in total Score Difference
Silencer 5 [5-0-0] 15 112:8
cr4zzy 5 [4-0-1] 12 87:33
SyndroM 5 [2-0-3] 6 47:73
fac 5 [2-0-3] 6 40:80
chibby 5 [1-0-4] 3 43:77
atomcorp 5 [1-0-4] 3 31:89

The Final Ranking in the Counterstrike Manager Crossover Starter Cup:

    1. Place: Silencer (3 month Premium)
    1. Place: SyN- (3 month Premium)
    2. Place: cr4zzy (2 month Premium)
    2. Place: Somnium (2 month Premium)
    3. Place: Teaser (1 month Premium)
    3. Place: atomcorp (1 month Premium)

The Premium will be given in the next days!!!

Thanks too all for this cup and see you soon for the next one :)

// Sincerly, your Admin Team
mischbeck, Monday, 09/08/10 11:30
Crossover Starter Cup Big Final
Crossover Starter Cup DE
Crossover Starter Cup EU
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gz to all
fac u're the greatest csm playaaa on earth - u're my hero dude
The Premium key are sent now.
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Congratulations to all^^
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