Spring Cup 2012 Announcement
As we already announced in January, we don't want to do Season Cups only in Germany, but also in the European section. After the 2on2 Winter Cup 2012, we will do a Season Cup again. This time the players, who want to play 1on1 matches, have a chance to win prices.
The last 1on1 Season Cup of the CSM EU section was a long time ago. It was the Summer Cup in 2008, the winner was iraYzer. Currently the most successful player of the CSM EU section. Nearly 4 years later it's your chance to become the best player.

CSM 1on1 Spring Cup 2012

Sign Up

Signup: March 20th - April 3rd
Cup Period: April 6th - May 20th
Slots: 64 players
Mode: Double Elimination
Support: via Support-Ticket

registered gameaccount
joined free ingame ladder
Rules: EU CSM 1on1 Ladder Rules


March 20th, 2012 Signup start
April 3rd, 2012 Signup end
April 6th, 2012 Round 1
May 5th, 2012 Final

Additonal Information

Gameaccount: Your gameaccount in the ESL must be current. The correct gameaccount is your actual loginname in CSM.
Ingame Ladder: You are allowed to play your matches as PCW, if your opponent agrees. Otherwise the matches have to be played in the ingame ESL CSM Ladder. You can join it for free by using this link.
Draw: In case of a draw, you should play the match again on another map. Please do this as soon as possible and not three days later. If there is also a draw or you don't play your rematch fast enough, we decide through the number of bombed targets, defused bombs, planted bombs or, if there is still a draw, the number of frags of a team.

Prices, Hall of Fame & Awards

The winner will get this exclusive Spring Cup Award, if there are at least 32 players in this cup.

1st place: 3 months Premium
2nd place: 2 months Premium
3rd place: 1 month Premium

The top 3 players will also be added to our Hall of Fame.

You also have the chance to get additional cups for participating (even if you don't win a match) and for winning cup matches. Here you can find all cup awards.

Questions & Support

If you have any further questions, problems or feedback, you can always post in our forum or open a Support Ticket.

// Your Admin-Team
av3nger, Tuesday, 20/03/12 18:26
CSM 1on1 Spring Cup 2012 Signup
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