Titan give ex-VeryGames a new home: A new era to begin?
Only seven days into the new year and without an organisation, there is good news from Kevin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans and his team. After Team VeryGames closed their doors by the end of 2013, the team can now present their new home: Titan eSports, a newly formed organisation based in Singapore. Not only have they found a new organisation supporting them, but they've also found a new home, with their own gaming house in Brussels, Belgium. Can they even increase the success after this transfer?
After five successful years as the team of the French server provider VeryGames a new age begins for one of the dominating teams in CS:S and CS:GO. Titan eSports, established in September 2013 and based in Singapore, is the new home to the French-Belgian team of Kevin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans and his mates.

How good will they perform in the new jersey? - (c) by ESL - Find more on the ESL Flickr Account

Titan will not only fill the gap of VeryGames stepping back from having their own team but will also fulfill the wishes of the team to be in the best possible shape for all future events. A gaming house in Brussels, Belgium, is the first step of the young organisation to sign one of the most promising CS:GO teams in 2014.

Jérôme 'NiaK' Sudries:

I am very satisfied that we could find an organization that shares our vision and values. Titan is an ambitious new organization where we will be able to write a new story, which is even more exciting for us. The means made available enable us to reach a new step and get new challenges. We really want to achieve it in the best possible way.

Kévin 'Ex6TenZ' Droolans:

I am honored to join such an ambitious organisation in Titan. We are going to be put in the best possible conditions to train and perform well, since we are going to be moving into a training house in Brussels, Belgium. This year will be filled with new challenges, which we are eager to accomplish. We are already well on our way to train for that, so see you at the ESEA finals in a few days.

With only 68 days to go until EMS One Katowice at the IEM World Championship, the team still has some time to prepare themselves and to represent Titan for the first time on European ground. Can they show their old strength right away in Katowice and dominate the $250,000 tournament?
Soodi, Tuesday, 07/01/14 19:49
EMS One Katowice
Titan eSports
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well that was unexpected
Isn't it that old TitaN orga, which had a decent asian CS 1.6 roster many years ago?
they still have somthing to say in this game to quit so easy :X
darky wrote:
Isn't it that old TitaN orga, which had a decent asian CS 1.6 roster many years ago?

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