Welcome de_season & de_cache
Since the start of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive we are using the same maps for our competitions and now it's finally time to welcome two new maps to our mappool. We are happy to announce that de_seasons as well as de_cache have made it into our official mappool including our pro leagues. However, the maps will not be added immediately as the changes will be implemented on June 10th 2013.

Timeline for the new mappool

We will use the following timeline to add de_season & de_cache to our leagues.

Group Stage of the RaidCall EMS One Summer 2013
Next Season of ESL Pro Series
A-Series starting on June 10th 2013
Go4CS:GO starting with #47 on June 9th 2013

You can find screenshots and information about the maps on Steam Workshop (de_season & de_cache).

After we implemented the maps on June 10th 2013 the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mappool will look as follows:


ESL map collection on Steam

ESL map collection on Steam

Everytime you start CS:GO the map versions are automatically being updated, if an update is available. There is no need of any manual downloads anymore. That is the reason why we recommend you to subscribe to our map collection.

How to for server owners

We suggest server owners to put the following command in the start parameter command line:

+host_workshop_collection 128253498

This way you won't have to worry about updating the maps anymore, as the latest versions - if available - are being updated automatically.

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Your Admin Team
crtmN, Wednesday, 22/05/13 21:30
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Made my day! :)
wow, die community in cs:go eskaliert ja förmlich. :(
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