Go4CS:GO #44: myDGB took the spot. Who's next?
Last Sunday was your first chance to take a spot for the upcoming RaidCall EMS One spot on Tuesday. Many new teams joined the cup and some very interesting teams tried to get their ticket. In the end two old and two new faces on Go4CS:GO were in the semi finals with the better end for Damage Gamers Belgrade, who are now going to face the big names in the RaidCall EMS One Cup #1!

RAiDERS winning Go4CS:GO #43:

On their premiere with their main team RAiDERS took Go4CS:GO by storm and not only won €100 in the Grand Final but also the chance to take part in the RaidCall EMS One Cup #1 this Tuesday. With teams like KerchNET, WGG and many other teams, they where the one to win the cup. This Sunday it could be you coming out on top to face the big names in the RaidCall EMS One cup!

Short interview with fAlsu, team captain of myDGB

How do you feel not even winning the Go4CS:GO prize pot of €100 but also the chance to face teams like NiP, VeryGames and many more?
To be honest it feels really great to win Go4CS:GO not really because the money but like you said, chance to play vs. best of the best. We surely have practiced against them but now we got real chance to face them in serious battle! :)

Do you have any special training session scheduled so you can bring your A game on Tuesday? Are you planing to surprise some of the "bigger" teams?
No, we dont. Just going to play like we normally do that should be enough. We surely are and we surely can! :D

Good luck on that. Today you already showed some pretty clear matches. Which match would you consider your hardest one and why?
Thanks! I think the match against danish KTHXBYE was by far the hardest, probably cause inferno have been weaker map for us some time. No other reasons for that.

Alright. Thank you very much for your time and good luck for the RaidCall EMS One cup on Tuesday. Any shoutouts to your friends, fans or possible opponents in the cup? :)
Yar really looking forward to it! Shoutout to our managers ZEEERYX, Insejn and replay and also big thanks to our sponsors Razer, RaidCall, omenahotels.com & G-Portal.de

The Go4CS:GO cups which grant one spot for the next RaidCall EMS One Cup:
Sunday, 12th of May: Go4CS:GO #43 myDGB: €100 + RaidCall EMS One Cup #1 spot
Sunday, 19th of May: Go4CS:GO #44 Winner takes €100 and a spot in RaidCall EMS One Cup #2
Sunday, 26th of May: Go4CS:GO #45 Winner takes €100 and a spot in RaidCall EMS One Cup #3
Sunday, 2nd of June: Go4CS:GO #46 Winner takes €100 and a spot in RaidCall EMS One Cup #4

Qualify for the RaidCall EMS One in Go4CS:GO!

Each Sunday before the RaidCall EMS One cup, Go4CS:GO will be your chance for a secure spot in the cup of the following week. Go4CS:GO always starts at 14:00 CEST with up to 128 slots and a prize pot of €100 every week. On top there are €500 to grab for the winner of the Monthly Finals. Further details can be found on the Go4CS:GO page.

Join the concert of the big names in CS:GO!

Go4CS:GO Cup #44: Win €100 this Sunday!

Sign up now!

(Check-in: 13:30 - 13:40 CEST)
Check-in is first come, first serve.
Sign up until Sunday, 13:29 CEST
Date: Sunday, 19th of May
Start: 14:00 CEST
Size: Up to 128 teams
Structure: Single Elimination

The Winner takes €100 and a spot in RaidCall EMS One Cup #2

Basic rules:

Maps: Fixed map per round
Teamsize: 5on5
Mode: Best of One
Max Rounds: 30

Beginners guide to sign up:

Register on ESL
Enter your STEAM ID (e.g. 1:0:1337)
Enter a contact method (Skype, IRC, etc.) 
Click the sign up link!

How does the Check-In work and what is it good for?

On Sunday there will be a Check-In starting at 13:30 CET until 13:40 CET to confirm your participation. Afterwards all teams can sign up right away with no need to check in. This helps us having mostly teams in the tournament who are able to start playing the cup at 14:00 CET so the tournament can run smoothly. NOTE: If you won't use the Check-In or the late sign up in the given time frame, you can't participate in the Go4CS:GO cup!

See you on Sunday,

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Monday, 13/05/13 12:39
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