CM Storm Super Sunday: Winner and the next chance!
The second edition of CM Storm Super Sunday is waiting for you! This Sunday you got the next chance to win one of five cool CM Storm Bundles by playing CS:GO on VERSUS. Every single match counts! Additionally we would like to present the winners of the five bundles from last week.

The winners of CM Storm Super Sunday #1:


How do I take part in this Super Sundays?

It's not hard at all! Everything you have to do is play CS:GO on VERSUS on one of the remaining Sundays of September. Every single match you play on those Sundays gives you one ticket to the raffle for 5 CM Storm Bundles which will be given out on every Super Sunday.

Gain a ticket no matter if you win or lose
Cross your fingers for the big raffle

What's in those CM Storm Bundles?

As you know, CM Storm is bringing you top notch gaming accessories like mice, headsets, keyboard and of course, special cases adjusted to the needs of gamers. Together with CM Storm we give you the chance to play CS:GO for the chance to grab some of their best products. Here is the full list of what is in those CM Storm Bundles:

Keyboard: CM Storm Quickfire Pro / CM Storm Quickfire Rapid
Headset: CM Storm Sonuz / CM Storm Sirius
Mouse: CM Storm Xonet
Mousepad: CM Storm Speed-RX

Which Sundays are CS:GO Super Sundays?

Sunday, 16th of September
Sunday, 23rd of September
Sunday, 30th of September
Sunday, 7th of October

Take part for your country!

Every player taking part in the Super Sundays is not only fighting for himself. While playing towards winning one of the CM Storm bundles, all matches count towards a nations ranking as well. The two countries with the most Super Sunday matches will get additional prizes for the next VERSUS goes crazy, which is not yet announced. So give your best, grab some prizes now and help your national section to gain some extra prizes for the next big VERSUS event!

Thank you very much, CM Storm!

Right from the CS:GO Opening Cup CM Storm was supporting us in bringing you cups with prizes, prize money and a lot of action. If you like this support and the Go4CS:GO series you can show them by giving a like on Facebook. They really deserve it!


Good luck on Sunday,

Your Admin Team
Soodi, Friday, 21/09/12 16:45
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thank you very much! :)
thanks for the extra premium days xD
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