Moving on to 4 grenades & 2 flashes
Over the last weeks the discussion about the number of grenades and flashes went on and on. The vote was quite clear but with a high number of comments regarding the molotov. So we came to the point to adjust our rules together with the other big tournaments to match the wishes of the community. Check out this news to get all changes and the meaning behind it.

4 grenades (2 flashes) in VERSUS, cups and ladders

Over 60% of you voted to bring back the old set of grenades as you know it from CS or CS:S. Now we will follow your wish and bring the settings for a maximum of 4 grenades and 2 flashes to our standard configs for VERSUS, cups and ladders.

You can still give us more feedback in our CS:GO Feedback Forum.

Server Config Download

If you are using the ESL Server Plugin the config will be automatically updated and executed when activating it by "rcon 5on5" or any other given mode in the plugin.

But this does not mean we want to restrict the usage of the new nades back to the basics of CS. From now on you can decide if you want to bring the old set of HE, 2x flashes and a smoke or if you rather bring in 1 flash plus a Molotov or a decoy. We are aware that this new way could bring up some problems and we will keep an eye on your further feedback.

Why we want to keep the Molotov

As Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a new part of a very successful series, we don't want to cut out the new aspects to keep the old standards. So far we have seen a lot feedback on the Molotov but mostly it was hypothetical "what if" scenarios. So the Molotov will remain unblocked here on ESL. From the feedback we got from other leagues most of the other major tournaments are having the same opinion.

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Your Admin Team
Soodi, Monday, 17/09/12 19:14
comments (12)
n1 but remove that ****** molonoob
Great news
AzeK wrote:
n1 but remove that ****** molonoob
n1, molotov's are cool xD
i dont think that molotov is good choice... because idk.. can be situation when u dont used molotov and u are 1v1... u have planted bomb .. ct have just the last moment for defuse.. and u use your molotov... the ct have no chance then .. only because one fucking molotov .. its so shit :D .. sry for my eng :)
yeah but that tough luck then , i think molotovs are a grand edition to counterstrike , it adds new benefits for ct's blocking rushing but also adds a stop a ct rush on banana when pushing b as t so you can block off areas to delay the cts as t. So there a lot of ways to play around with them , and yes they do work as easy as a flash!

So this new nade adding alot more stir to the game will in essence when most get used to it like in the days of 1.3 when smokes were beening used in matchs and most were not used to even seeing them never mind throwing them. We gota adapt are'selfs to new elements otherwise cs will die in the near future. But for the love of god give me back my god dam silencer!
Im glad the molotov remains unblocked!
I mean this is a new game and we should accept changes, besides the molotov is a great addition, i like it alot!
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