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Not everybody knows how to do your own GUI so I will now explain how I did it and fact is it's not very hard emoticon-grin

First you need to download a program called Sothink SWF Decompiler, when you have downloaded it and started it up to your left you will find a box that says explorer, navigate to your cs:go installation map.

Then you go to resource/flash in there you will find all you need to edit emoticon-grin

To edit something you pick the something.swf for example money.swf, then on your right you will find that it pops up money.swf with a plus before, press the plus sign and you will have a lot of maps such as shape, text, sprite etc.

You then press shape and you can scroll through the shapes in that flash file, to edit the cart sign you choose shape 3 in money.swf, right click and press edit. 

From here on it's basically self-explaining but i explain anyway. You select what you want to edit and then just choose a color you like.

When you are finish you just press "Finnish edit" on your top left and your done emoticon-grin

Then choose another .swf file and it will ask to save, just save over your old and you are done! emoticon-smile

Happy editing and best regards
Peter 'NightFox' Berglund
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Do you know if it's possible to increase the size of just the money portion of the HUD? I miss the 1.6/source aspect of the game where you would see a green flash on your money confirming you killed someone.
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Actually never thought about it, I don't know but will look into it
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I have converted the swf files to flv
and they can now edit in Adobe Flashmy only problem is I can not assign the writing correctly :/

Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm, aber die zweite Maus bekommt den Käse.
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Don't convert  just use Sothink softwares.

Killer from http://www.steam-evolution.fr
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but it works
the font problem I have now fixed also


Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm, aber die zweite Maus bekommt den Käse.
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Exactly how did you change the fonts? emoticon-grin
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