Versus again.
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When you finelly add Global offensive to Versus? Server's exist so i dont see any problem to do that emoticon-tongue And i think that when you do this, more people will taking a part in global offensive matchs on ESL.

sorry for my poor english emoticon-grin
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agree this, gathering is verry active after 18:00 but u cant tell if people are willing to play emoticon-grin
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Please post some IPs of Warservers here emoticon-grin
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I mean that many people can make local host.. If we can playing gather's, so why we can't playing VERSUS? It's not make sense in My opinionemoticon-grin A lot of games on VERSUS exist there, but nobady playing for it , like a Combat Arms or Dota 2.. so why we shouldn't try Global Offensive in VERSUS emoticon-grin just try...

I think that VERSUS gather more people for ESL then nowemoticon-grin
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yeah its possible to create a local game and host the server!
just open port 27015 in your router and you can start.

Are there any reason why 1on1 beta ladder doesnt start??
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the 1on1 beta ladder is for key give away ;) read it Lol!
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Sp00n wrote:
the 1on1 beta ladder is for key give away ;) read it Lol!

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Agree for that ! +1

Alexandre " ALEKS " Castilla
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