Update for CS:GO brings the Spectator UI
An update for CS:GO, again. Valve released at the early Friday another update for CS:GO. It brings a few changes and something new into the game, that's probably a prospect for more to come.

The update

First of all, there are some gameplay changes. The important one is, that the steps are now less noisy. You can't hear the steps over the half of the map anymore. The smoke grenades are now a little bit smaller and you can watch now less clearly out of it, while standing in one.

The Spectator UI

The special part of the update is the Spectator UI (User Interface). This gives you a X-ray vision that enables dead players to see their teammates through walls (already known from Left4Dead). If you are joining a spectators slot on a server, you will see even more than that. You are able to see the players with their name including their amount of HP and Armor and their active weapon as well.

The Spectator UI could also explain why there's still no properly working GOTV. It would be possible, that Valve works for a Spectator UI for GOTV as well.

The changelog

And now the complete changelog.

- Adjusted footstep volume fade out and maximum audible distance to match source/1.6.
- Increased default Casual match length to 15 rounds.
- Fixed an issue that caused the AWP to zoom to the wrong level after reloading.
- Tuned flinch aimpunch values.
- Fixed a bug in the penetration code that incorrectly determined the exit spot as being not solid when it was which allowed penetrating much further than it should have.

- Added x-ray vision of own teammates for dead players.
- Added new spectator UI that shows both team’s active weapon, player name, health, armor, etc, when spectating a 10 player match.
- Added a new convar "sv_competitive_official_5v5" that:
o Forces a match to display 5v5 scoreboards regardless of maxplayers setting ( Allows setting maxplayers to 12 to allow spectators into a 5v5 match ).
o Allows connected spectators to see both teams in x-ray.
- Added support for international characters in play with friends lobby chat.
- Fixed an issue that caused the mouse cursor to reset its mouse position when clicking on the UI when the window didn't have focus.
- Fixed being able to open the radio menu when you were an observer.
- You can't toggle the scoreboard in half-time now
- Fixed the scoreboard win animation firing before the scoreboard was told to come up in the end match state and was usually missed
- The countdown timer now flashes prior to the start of a match.

- Reduced frequency of polling server console to save CPU.
- Fixed a rare crash when applying decals.
- Significantly improved precision of dedicated server frames to match tickrate.
- Clamped dedicated server fps to match quantized tickrate.
- Fixed two exploits. One that would allow players to see out of smoke with much more clarity than players could see them if they were boosted up while inside the smoke volume. Also made the smoke a tad shorter/smaller. Two, fixed players being able to see through a few trains out of the corner of their screens on de_train and de_train_se. Thanks Volcano.
- Fixed messages in scoreboard overlapping at end match.
- To pass a vote in competitive mode, all eligible voters minus one must now vote yes

Community Servers:
- Fixed cases when values of some convars set on community servers would not correctly replicate to clients.
- Game modes configuration file now specifies cfg files to exec instead of keyvalue pairs of convars to make it easier for server operators to configure their game modes. To tweak game modes it would be sufficient to provide gamemode_competitive_server.cfg and _server.cfg files for other game modes which will exec after stock cfg files.
- Linux: running srcds_run with -autoupdate will now update the server during hibernation, in addition to changelevel.
- Fixed an issue that was limiting connectivity to community servers to only 25 players.
- Deprecated mp_ggtr_rounds_per_half. Use mp_maxrounds instead.
- Changed timelimit matches to stop at round end instead of exactly when the limit expires.

…and one more update

While writing this news, Valve released another update for CS:GO, the changelog of it is:

We shipped an optional update for CS:GO.

- Fixed a crash in x-ray and scoreboard.
- Thrown grenades now travel and bounce much more like previous versions of CS.
- Fixed the avatar's on the spectator panel being scaled improperly.
- Fixed the spectator view player panels showing default panels when a player wasn't connected.
The way that grenades fly and bounces should now be more like in CS 1.6/CSS.

We wish you a lot of fun while playing!

Your Admin Team
FireStar, Friday, 31/08/12 10:45
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nice nice!
AWP : supp fuzzy pls :D
What the duck happened to grenades? Worst update since beta started, I'm actually disgusted.
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