CS:GO - Ladders? Ladders!
Last week we heard a lot of players, who want some more ladders. You really want to get new ladders? Well, here we go ...

New Ladders

6 days ago, we started the 5on5 Ladder, but today we want to announce another two ladders for the European Counter-Strike:Global Offensive section. We want to continue with a 1on1 and 2on2 Ladder and hope that you will have fun with it.

1on1 Ladder Overview (click to get more information)

2on2 Ladder Overview (click to get more information)

Future of this and other ladders

The most of you already heard something about the A-Series, which will come in the future. It could that the Ladders will be reseted and converted to the a-series, when it's done. So don't be worried when we really do this and have some fun in playing matches.

At first there will be no more ladders in the next week, because we want to compare the activity in this three ladders. Perhaps, we will add another ladders, but we'll see in the future. Something like AIM and AWP will be definitily played in Cups

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The Team wishes lot of fun with the new ladders.
eldoorfiix, Monday, 27/08/12 20:33
1on1 Serverconfig
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matchmaker not active...^^
please hurry up!
Rly, trusted level, FUC* IT -.-
Rly, trusted level, FUC* IT -.-

got changed now :-)
eldoorfiix wrote:
Rly, trusted level, FUC* IT -.-

got changed now :-)

Thanks, u guys are awesome :)

one word:-

1on1 aim?
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