Inside INT CSCZ #5
Believe it or not - we're still here. The only thing that's missing is you aka: the players. This section is going down day by day, even though we have lots of joins - what's up? The last cup we did was a desaster so apparently you're not missing cups. So what else can we do - if anything - to get this section back running?


We prepared a Wintercup, a really really big thing for this section and what became of it? Not even 8 teams made it. Okay that's past and done, if we take a look at the matches, nothing much happened (and still happens) there. Sporadically some 1on1 matches are played and also some 2on2s, but the last 5on5 match was played in April. The 25th, to be precise. Since then, nothing. 16 teams in the 5on5 ladder of which 10 are new and 6 just idle. Don't know about the other countries but DE CS:CZ just closed it's 5on5 ladder and 5on5 used to be the modus the game was made for - so to speak. Not any longer it seems...


Well, already said it above - in the present nothing much happens at all.


The future of this section is more or less up to you. So, leave your ideas here and we'll see if there's something we can do.

//Your Admin Team
tontaube, Monday, 30/05/11 22:13
Inside INT CSCZ #4
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go go go
Go NightCups 1on1 !
<3 CS:CZ
more 2on2 cups pls
more 1on1 aim map cups XD and i be happy
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