New VERSUS rankings: Who are the best players?
Few weeks ago we introduced a new way of exploring the VERSUS rankings, with which you can access and filter the rankings by all available games and modes. Finally, all data is ready in our new system. Feel free to explore VERSUS' all new ranking feature!

Who is the best in each modes?

For all those fans of statistics we have big release for you. In addition to the "old" rankings which cover all game modes, we have released separate rankings for each game mode in VERSUS. Check out who is the best in CS 3on3 AWP or 2on2 Quickie!

Who are the best players in Europe?

Additionally we have added an optional country filter. You can get all rankings of individual game modes filtered by country now and see who is the best from yours. So check out who the best French CS 2on2 MR15 players are or how you are placed compared to them!

For all Premium Users we have some special rankings. Check out who is the best player of the whole Counter Strike series. Additionally we got some rankings for combined modes like the CS1.6 2on2 modes. Wanna check out who the best CS player is?

What kind of rankings are you looking for?

Do you like VERSUS' new rankings? Please let us know in the comments, if you have own suggestions for summarized rankings. We will try to bring all your good ideas into the VERSUS rankings!

Your Admin Team
myz, Monday, 19/03/12 11:54
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Close the Versus bullshit completely, the rules are fail, we need demo, screenshot und upload menu + trusted & premium, because the laddders are dead and when i search versus every 5th match is to play all other match will be closed because of failed rules, make versus like ladder or keep the ladder running but not both! delete versus.
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