2on2 Spring Season - Four new cups
You think spring season is over? Not yet! We have few more cups for you. Call your mate and signup because there will not be second chances since the more cups you play the better chance you have to win our shiny award plus premium for you and your teammate.

Cup Squad will be there again to support you and ensure a smooth progress.

Info about Spring season

  • Top 4 teams earn points for the final ranking
  • Total number of cups is 10

Spring Season Cup #4 - 2on2 AWP only - 21.05.2012

Spring Season Cup #5 - 2on2 MR15 - 23.05.2012

Spring Season Cup #6 - 2on2 Mixed [Aim + AWP] - 24.05.2012

Spring Season Cup #7 - 2on2 Mixed [ Knife + Funmap] - 25.05.2012

Cup Prices

The winner team will get this unique Spring Award!
  • will get 3 months
  • will get 2 months
  • will get 1 month

Keep informed!

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How to get Support

You can contact us via Quakenet #esl.cs or open a Support ticket

Your Admin Team
myz, Saturday, 19/05/12 16:40
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Nice tournaments!
I have one question 'mixed [aim + awp]' = play aim or awp Or we must play aim and awp ?
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hStyle wrote:
I have one question 'mixed [aim + awp]' = play aim or awp Or we must play aim and awp ?

Both :)
Hi. Where is my award and four mouths premium for win 2on2 knife cup and third place awp 2on2 ?:>
LOL kml is back ^^
Sorry guys yesterday cup was canceled not enough members ;]
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