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*** Teams searching players ***
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// ESL Admin Team
Post here, if your team needs more players.
Do not open a new topic!
Chosen5# Gaming Community is looking for players!

Hi all,

If you feel interessed to join our community we are looking for the following:
Complete CS:S team including a captain!
For our 1.6 team we are looking for a few members and a team captain!
Managers to manage the gaming community!

Chosen5 is a old gaming community that have participated to netgamez.nl a dutch lan community. We defeated few of our opponents but never had the chance to break through!

We are currently owning:
2 War servers (hosted by CreativeHosting.nl)
2 HLTV servers (hosted by CreativeHosting.nl)
1 Mumble server (hosted by CreativeHosting.nl)
1 Ventrilo server

Want to take gaming to the next level?
Feel free to visit us on www.chosen5.nl
IRC: #chosen5 @ Quakenet

I am looking for a 5on5 team, for more information on steam nick vodkaaaN or you want to write me on ESL message.
Buksna Team looking for new members 

for more info add me on steam: Remanavi
Hello. I search some few player's to play 5/5 ladder eu. I don't care what is your nationality, but you must know english lang as well to communicate in game. That will be international mix only for esl and maybe some net tournament's. Soo if you good aimer and you speak english to communicate in game just add me to steam: memento992, and we some talk about that emoticon-grin I also try'ied that, i play some mix with friend's from germany,sweden,russia and play evercup in ger esl (http://www.esl.eu/pl/team/4782453/). Soo just contact me emoticon-smile bye
Searching for few sick players to join #punakone ! ;) NEED SOME HEADSHOTS!!
we are looking for 1 or 2 players that are available to play at least 4 nights.

we need a caller / tactician

and another player

the requirements are simple :
be 18 +
be mature
do not rage
be a team player
be active
be mid+ skill level

come to #hds.cs on irc.quakenet.org and pm weavil or jynx.
We are an international cs team that are mainly made of friends that have been playing for about 7 to 8 years. We are looking for a tactician or ingame caller.

Person must be:

Patient to go through tactics
Have a quick thinking mind
Should also be a good team player

If you are all that pls add me to steam friends  redpimphat@hotmail.com or come to #hds.cs  on quakenet and pm one of the admins.

I need good mate for net & lan in france more than 18 years old plz
hi everbody
im searching a cs 1.6 clan
skill mid
steamname cpl_pro52
if u interested than write me thx
PendulumTM needs one player 16+  add on steam for test cw xD bts steam: i0nZ94
Hi I'm an mid-skilled cs 1.6 player from sweden! I'm from sweden and I whant to play in an serious counter-strike clan! CONTACT ME on msn/steam : gustafle@hotmail.com
Seeking players MID/HIGH  (good looking steam ID) 

Mature, and have 6th sense about counter strike. Message me, "MUST BE AN ACTIVE USER"


"Hello everyone!

I am from team ELEVATED. I'm looking for a proper organization for my team, to accomplish the plans, what we would like to achieve.
We would like to take part of as much online competition as we can on the world, and get the best results there by using our experience. We want to sign up to online competitions and own the cs 1.6 community.
We provide a stable, experienced team that knows each other for a long time now

Our expectations:

- Basic things like server, voice server.

- A stable background for the most effective work.


E-mail: novnish85@yahoo.com
steam: redpimphat@hotmail.com

Hope to hear from someone soon

Team Elevated
17 years old
playing since 2004 from 2007 active
Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Can play everyday
Skill : mid ( u decide when u call me for test war.)

contact : daenizz@live.com ( msn ) Steam - flamingnimrod

Hi i search very good 5v5 eu team 
I am member since 2005
Ventrilo,teamspeak on
speak english
pm on steam deserto0o0
or icq 218274937
hey I m Zarkowisiki low + search a team for contact to add M.zarkouna@gmail.com/or idsteam:Xavsandy
** deleted **
My team looking for team members
1 good skill
2 steam
3 minimum 5 hours online in day emoticon-grin
me steam rimmusik2010
1.looking for team members..
2.speak english
3.skill not that important

if i could get 4 more members,we could play together 5on5 on private cw servers... 

steam: Thermophylia
Team Name: #divi5ion
Nationalities: Mixed
Language: English
Activity: We will set that up when we get our full team
Game: CS 1.6


We are looking for a CS 1.6 LAN team, I'm hoping for a UK based clan for most LANs and try to get as far as possible in Major ESL cups. We are aiming very high so we except some standards of play, performance should be maximized. When our full line-up is done the team will come together in a caffe or a LAN depends on the situation,We will do this to see game performance together and co-operation.
Mature. No rage/whine

What the team wants to achieve:

-A stable lineup with friendly players.
-Reach a good standard in Lans
-Have fun, play relaxed
-Progress as a team
-Aiming HIGH for ESL Majors

Any other details:
- We have a Teamspeak3 Server

Contact on:
STEAM: yooo115
Need Team 5on5 with trains and a very good tactical.  SKILL MID/HIGH
6SENSE about cs. steam name chighik.
Hi, I´m looking for good players with brain and time for my team. I´m looking for czech or slovakia players. My steam : killervista

Bye Exit

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