VERSUS: 2on2 MR15 is back!
A week ago we added 2on2 Quickie as new game mode to VERSUS and after your feedback we also added the 2on2 MR15 mode. You will decide, which game mode will stay in VERSUS for more than just a week, so ask your friends and team mate to play your favourite mode. And next week we will start a poll about a mappool change in all game modes.
The rules
The rules are simple. You are going to play one map with 15 rounds per side (MR15). Each team is going to play as both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Team blue starts as Counter-Terrorist and Team red as terrorists.
The serversettings can be downloaded here.

The mappool
de_dust, de_dust2, de_aztec, de_prodigy, de_nuke, de_inferno, de_train

Play 2on2 MR15 in VERSUS

If you got any suggestions for a game mode or changes in VERSUS, let us know and write a news comment or give us your feedback in the public forum.

Your Adminteam

bLackhawk, Friday, 20/01/12 11:32
Play VERSUS - 2on2 MR15
Spring Season 2012 - Ranking
comments (8)
Oke :)
nice ;)

but dust or prodigy ... suck !!
mr 9 is fair enough @ versus. mr 15 can be done @ ladders :)
This mappool is PERFECT... if you add all this maps in the ladder it will be the best ladder !!!
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I hope 3on3 AWP Europe Ladder will be soon : )
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fun fun fun fun :D
GREAT !! : )
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