Miroslav 'Mojsije' Pervan  id: 2898152
CPU AMD Athlon XP 4400+
RAM 2GB Corsair
Videocard Nvidia GeForce 6600GT Golden Sample
Soundcard SB Live!
Storage Total of 1.4TB storage space
Motherboard it works, that's what matters
Display Sony Multiscan G400 & Samsung SyncMaster 997DF
OS Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid
CD/DVD i change them on weekly basis
Mouse Logitech G5
Mouse Skatez standard
Mousepad entire desk
Keyboard Logitech media keyboard
Headphones Senheisser HD 202
Connection Optical broadband 5mb up/5mb down
Sound system Technics SU-X101 on 2x Sony SS-MF450
Drink Coffee
Food meat of any kind
Movie don't have a favorite 1
Music The Prodigy, house, tech-house, progressive
Song there are so many...
Book boring...
Book author boring...
Car Chevrolet Impala :D
Map Kasyr Lutien
Race (Humans/Orcs/..) Eldar
Genre RTS
Favourite Websites
Website 1 http://www.hcl.hr
Website 2 http://www.counterstrike-..
Website 3 http://www.cro-dota.org
Website 4 http://www.codhr.com
Ukoliko imate problema ili pitanja - napišite support tiket, nemojte me dodavati na bilo koji messenger kontakt.

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