New ladder: 1on1 Knife and Opening Cup
Today we'd like to present a new ladder. Many of you asked for a 1on1 knife ladder so here we go. We hope you'll like this new ladder and that there will be lots of exciting matches.

Also we will have opening cup so signup cause we are expecting to see 128 participants in it.

Check the news for more information about the ladder and our opening cup.

We are proud to announce the new 1on1 Knife Ladder.

1on1 Knife ladder Ladder

1on1 Funmap Ladder General Info

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Ladder info
Max rounds: 9
Rules: Same as in 1on1 AWP Ladder
Entered SteamID: Steam CS/DoD
for players from

If you have any suggestions for new maps you can tell us in the comment of this news or on our forum.

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1on1 Knife Opening Cup

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(Check-in: Disabled)
Don't miss this cup!
Sign up until 18/12/2011 18:30 CET
Date: Sunday 18th December
Start: 19:00
Size: 16/32/64 players
Structure: Single Elimination

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After check-in

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Basic rules:

Maps: Fixed map each round (see here)
Mode: Bo1
Replays: 30 minutes
MR: 9 - 1on1 AWP config

Beginners guide to sign up:

ze="1"> Register on ESL
Enter your SteamID CS/Dod (e.g. Enter a contact method (MSN, Skype, IRC, etc.) 
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See the cup information page for more details

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Your Admin Team
myz, Thursday, 15/12/11 18:59
1on1 Knife Ladder
1on1 Knife Ladder Signup!
Knife Opening Cup Signup
Opening Cup Page
comments (19)
make some awards for the opening cup wow... its boring without any prizes... GJ for the ladder but make some awards like Medal for 1-2-3 places in opening cup and some premiums :) to motivate the players
#1 +1
+ ka_longer
Suggest maps on forum :)

About awards i tried to get some but failed. We will have lot of cups from now on with awards.

Also we will start again with mmc .

Note for you all: Maps pack will be added soon :)
1 edits
Here's the map pack including the four maps:

You're welcome.
Here it is http://www.esl.eu/eu/cs/1on1/knife_ladder/download/25944646/ - 1on1 Knife Mappack

+ I added ka_longer

Please give us more map suggestions
+ ka_fightclub
ka_legoland, ka_fightclub and #1 +1
1 edits
any awards? :D
1 edits
no awards this time
#1 +1
k1ng wrote:
#1 +1

get me out of the cup please, i nno can play
2on2 knife europe, soon?
we'll see how 1on1 is doing, but if we're going to open another laddern it's more likely going to be another mode but that's still a long a way off.
#4 nice we want some cups like every week or smth like this and with some awards :)
+ ka_fightclub please or some map don`t have a kevlar.
ka_acer_2 ofcourse
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