de_forge gets a huge update!
de_forge, known for being the more balanced version of good old de_cbble, was updated recently. This update gives both sides more options to reach their goals and improve the balance overall. Also these changes make the map more interesting especially with the next big tournaments coming up soon!

The de_forge update: Mandatory in ESL now!

The latest update of de_forge is now needed for all ladders, cups and tournaments on ESL. Please download the new version here and check that your servers are updated too. The next big event with de_forge in the mappool is the 3rd stage of the online qualifier for Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge Kiev on December, 18th.

Download: de_forge Update


  • Addressed tree glitch in CT spawn, fixed spam issues favoring CT side
  • Upper B entrance major spammable areas adjusted and increased
  • Entire balcony exiting upper B is now spammable all over
  • Lower B areas have had their spammable locations increased
  • Lower middle areas have had their spammable locations increased
  • Bombsite A walls and shed area spam spots increased
  • The entire CT backhalls spammable areas have been increased leading into A & B bombsite
  • Opened up lower B and removed all door jams allowing for easier grenade throwing
  • Removed all door jams in cT backhalls coming into bombsite B for easier grenade throwing
  • Some spots (discover them!) in the map that were previously blocked can now be boosted onto
  • Bomb radius explosion increased by 15%
  • Added aesthetic features in bombsite B and A
  • BrutesMaps logo updated

Have fun testing and playing the new version of de_forge!
Soodi, Tuesday, 13/12/11 16:02
Download: de_forge
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nice one :-)
nice :]
nice hahaha ;D
lookin good :)
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