VERSUS: MMC - The winners
After 8 days on Monday the Advanced Most Matches Competition was finished and now it is time to announce the lucky winners of the Premium prizes. We have a lot of winners, because we have more than one MMC running during that period. Congratulation to all winners and have fun playing VERSUS.

The winners of the global Most Matches Competition

GaBrieLL gets 2 months ESL Premium
Horschiii gets 1 month ESL Premium
lolo gets 14 days ESL Premium

The winners of the national Most Matches Competitions

The Premium was directly added to the winners accounts, just check your account page.

Again thanks to all players, who played so far in the Summer Season 2012 in Counter-Strike in VERSUS. It is because of you, that we have an active community in VERSUS, so keep on rocking.

Your Adminteam
bLackhawk, Thursday, 24/05/12 13:19
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