PlanetSide 2 Clan Area @ gamescom – Who’s in?
At ESL's CM Storm Arena the new MMO-First Shooter PlanetSide 2 is waiting for you. Many gaming stations are ready for you to get the first hands-on experience in epic battles. The developers are on site and provide a deep insight into the vast world of Auraxis, the location of PlaneSide 2, live on our ESL stage

Planetside 2 Clan Area @ ESL Arena

With its fraction system and the long lasting battle with more than thousand players, PlanetSide is all set for clans. Interested clans can sign up until the 12th of August for 15 minute slots in the PlanetSide 2 Clan Area @ ESL CM Storm Arena, an exclusive area for clan players:

Registration for PlanetSide 2 Clan Area @ ESL Arena

Send an eMail to planetside2[at]esl.eu with the following information
Subject "Planetside 2 Clan Area"
Name of the clan
Number of participants (up to 6)
Name of contact person
Telephone number
Day / time for the required dates

What can you expect from PlanetSide 2?

Engage in epic battles that will challenge all your skills. Prove that you have incredible courage and fighting spirit. In the free to play MMO-First-person-shooter PlanetSide 2, thousands of players face off in battles for territories on the continents of Auraxis.

Join one of three factions and prove yourself in intense ground-, air- and vehicle-battles. Immerse in the highly detailed world of PlanetSide 2 and become a hero!

otacon, Thursday, 09/08/12 10:46
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All participants must have beta invite?
No its free for all clans!
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