DkH Multigaming e.V. vs. smokeplayeRs
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 38.  27.

 DkH Multigaming e.V.
Status: closed
MatchID 23680331
Date Sunday, 07/08/11 13:00
Calculated 07/08/11 13:03
map TBA
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1 : 0
DkH Multigaming e.V. wins !
Points +2 : 0
DkH Multigaming e.V.





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Hello and welcome to the IEM GC Guangzhou Qualifier #2.

This round will be played in Best-of-One mode, both teams have to veto maps until just one map is left and this last map will be played. The team with the lower seeding has to start.

Mappool: de_train, de_nuke, de_tuscan, de_inferno, de_dust2, de_mirage, de_forge

Please check your e-mails as well and for further questions/problems please contact me at IRC (QuakeNet) in #masters.cs

- nuke
hey DkH, sorry das wir nun erst schreiben, aber wir können leider nicht spielen, da mein Internet kein wort sagt.
Ich bitte dies zu entschuldigen und wünsche euch noch Viel Glück!

MFG sjest
vote ma pls??
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