VERSUS. Super Sunday Party!
On Sunday the sixth edition of the VERSUS. Super Sunday will take place and we invite all of you to play with us. Everybody can bring their friends, teammates or mix mates and enjoy VERSUS. in a new scale. Of course everything is as easy as before and your matches are protected by ESL Wire Anti-Cheat!

Quick Facts about the party system

2 to 5 players per party
10% VS. bonus points for ESL Premium parties
Adjusted skill balancing for parties in matchmaking
More details in the official announcement
Give your feedback in the ESL VERSUS. Forum

The Super Sunday

Each Sunday of VERSUS. Beta we will host a Super Sunday like this one
You will gain doubled XP for every VERSUS. match you play
The Top 10 from Region Europe with most matches join the MMC raffle

The prizes are:
5x 3 month of ESL Premium
5x 2 month of ESL Premium
5x 1 month of ESL Premium

Beside that you can also become the Player of the week at Steam. How? Read this news for more information.

Last chance to grab a beta awards!

A gold award will be given to to the 10% of players that have played the most matches. The top 50% of the VS. players will receive the silver award and up to 90% will earn the bronze award. Therefore the bottom 10% of the VERSUS. users will not get an award because they did not even play enough to provide us with good feedback or help test VERSUS "under pressure". These users have played 5 matches or less.

And now you want to know, if you will get an award? Check out this list and see which one you will get or how many matches you need to get one. At the moment you just need 5 matches to get an award.

Your Adminteam

bLackhawk, Friday, 21/10/11 11:57
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