VERSUS: The first half is over
On the 2nd of May the Summer Season 2012 has begun and the first half of it is already over, so it is time to review the last 2 months and give you some statistics about the first half. Besides that we will also inform you about the awards you can get just by playing in VERSUS, so keep reading.

Some statistics about the first half of the Summer Season

Over 23,597 players from 117 different nationalities already played Counter-Strike in VERSUS and if you are one of them big thanks to you, because without you we would not have such an activity. You already played more than 78,750 matches and it seems that you are quite familiar with the veto function, because it was used for more than 6,715 veto in the Summer Season 2012.

10,294! That's the number how often de_nuke was played in the Summer Season so far and the first custom map is aim_awp_esl, which was played over 4,680 times. We think that is impressive, so keep on rocking and tell us your opinion in the news comments.

The awards you can win in VERSUS

There are different awards for different achievements and goals and first of all we have the awards for a finished season. But of course we also have awards, which are given out every days, because they are not bound to a season like the 'Played x VERSUS matches' or 'Played with x matches as solo player against a party' and many more. You can check out the new VERSUS awards page and check out all awards for VERSUS, because there are 28 different awards.

And if the season would end today, the following players would get one of those awards:
MMC: majkel

Play CS in VERSUS!

What did happen during the Summer Season so far?

There were different changes in the last 8 weeks and here are the most important ones:
Matchmaking was improved (News)
Parties, where one member played without WAC, don't get any penalty points (News)
Users, who voted incorrect, will get -30 after a veto (News)
And you get a message, if you played against a cheater, because the match was changed
Three new award types were announced as well (News)

But that is not all we did, we also had two competitions with prizes during that time:
Advanced Most Matches Competition (News)
Most Points Competition (News)

And we also had a voting about the 1vs1 game modes and of course we were part of the VERSUS program.

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bLackhawk, Wednesday, 04/07/12 13:27
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More severe punishment for non-joiners and leavers please. These people ruin the idea of Versus. What happens to those people searching for a match who dont confirm? Are they being penalized at all? It is like every other versus there is someone missing.
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